VIP Sportsbar and Bistro

VIP Sportsbar and Bistro

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Stimulating Food and Drinks

At VIP Sportsbar and Bistro in Roanoke, Virginia, we take pride in our best-tasting wings. We also offer a selection of uniquely flavored meals, including chicken, waffles, fish, and burgers. See our menu to learn more about our wide variety of dishes and beverages.

Our Menu

Wingz Bone N’ Bone Out 
Six Pieces: $5.75
10 Pieces: $9.75 
20 Pieces: $18.75
Chicken and Waffle: $9.00 
Two Wafflez With Four Wingz
Three Piece-Fish With Two Sidez: $9.00
Fish Taco: $0.99 Per Piece
VIP Burger: $9.00
Add Cheeze: $0.50
Add Bacon: $.075
Chicken Sandwich: $8.00
Grilled or Fried
Philly Cheeze: $8.00 
Steak or Chicken
Hotdog With Chili: $2.50
Without Chili: $1.75
Add Cheeze: $0.50
Add Slaw: $0.25
Three-Piece Fish and VIP Friez: $11.00
With Drink
Three-Piece Fish Taco and VIP Friez: $8.00
With Drink
Fish Sandwich and VIP Friez: $8.50 
With Drink
Chicken Sandwich and VIP Friez: $ 9.00
Grilled or Fried
With Drink
Two-Piece Fish, Three-Piece Wingz, and VIP Friez: $12.00 
With Drink
Six-Piece Wingz and VIP Friez: $9.50 
With Drink
10-Piece Wingz and VIP Friez: $13.00 
VIP Burger and VIP Friez: $12.00 
Add Cheeze: $0.50 
Add Bacon: $0.75 
With Drink
Sandwich N' Soup or Salad: $8.50 
Chicken, Fish, or Club
With Drink


VIP Friez: $3.00
Onion Ringz: $2.50
Side Salad: $2.00
Mozzarella Stickz: $2.00

African Friez: $3.25

Boneless Wing Flavorz 
Lemon Pepper
Garlic Parmesan

Sweet Heat

Hot Sweet Heat


Homemade Potato Soup

Monday and Friday

VIP Noodle Soup


Chili Soup

Tuesday and Thursday




Salad Dressing


Blue Cheeze


Honey Mustard